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Discover the Tranquil Oasis of Stillwater, OK

Welcome to our serene RV Park and Resort nestled just outside the enchanting city limits of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Here, we take pride in curating a tranquil and harmonious environment, reminiscent of a warm and welcoming family gathering.

Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance as you embark on a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Our park boasts a picturesque pond, inviting you to partake in the joy of catch-and-release fishing. Lose yourself in the serenity of nature while casting your line and relishing the soothing sounds of the water.

For those seeking leisurely strolls and gentle exploration, our scenic walking trail invites you to embark on a journey through our breathtaking surroundings. Lose yourself in the beauty of the outdoors as you wander along the path, absorbing the sights, sounds, and scents of nature.


      The Hadley Family

As we constantly strive to enhance your experience, we have exciting plans on the horizon. In the near future, we will be introducing additional amenities to elevate your stay. We are committed to continuously improving our offerings to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction during your time with us.

Whether you’re an avid traveler, nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, our RV Park and Resort is the ideal destination for you. Join us on the southeastern side of Stillwater, where tranquility and harmony harmonize effortlessly, creating unforgettable moments and cherished memories.

Escape to our haven and allow us to provide you with an experience that transcends expectations. We look forward to welcoming you!



Indulge in the art of unhurried living as you settle into our spacious full hook-up RV sites designed to accommodate any type of RV or camper, where each site offers a seamless experience with essential amenities such as water, electric, sewer, trash disposal, and reliable wireless/wired internet connectivity to ensure your utmost comfort and convenience.

WiFi and Wired Fiber Internet
Onsite Maintenance & Yard Work
Walking Trail
Property Rules
  • Quiet time is from 10pm to 7am. Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep the noise down. No loud music or other disruptive behavior is allowed.
  • Check-out time is 1pm. If you plan on staying longer, please re-register as soon as possible to ensure that your site is held for you.
  • The speed limit in the park is 5 mph. Please drive slowly and be aware of other guests.
  • When connecting to the sewer system, please ensure that there is a positive seal at both ends of the hose. This will help to prevent sewer leaks.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. The park is not responsible for the safety of children who are left unattended.
  • Pets are allowed, but they must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. Owners are responsible for picking up after their pets.
  • Trash must be disposed of in the trash bin located at the road. Please do not leave trash outside of your RV. The park expects all guests to keep their sites clean and orderly.
  • Wireless internet is available for guests to use.
  • Fireworks are not allowed without written permission from the management.



  • Only two vehicles are allowed per RV space.
  • Clotheslines are not allowed, except in designated areas. Electric space heaters are also not allowed. Hadley Lake RV Park is not responsible for any damage to RVs caused by electrical problems.
  • Disruptive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. This includes disorderly conduct, drunkenness, illegal drugs, obscene language, and vulgar behavior. Any guest who violates these rules may be evicted without a refund.
  • Illegal drugs are prohibited on the property of Hadley Lake RV Park. Any guest who is caught with illegal drugs will be evicted without a refund.
  • The park is not responsible for any accidents, theft, or damage that occurs on the property. The registered guest is financially responsible for any damage caused by themselves or their pets.
  • These rules are in place for the health, safety, and welfare of all guests. Management reserves the right to evict or refuse service to anyone who breaks or disregards any of these rules.
  • The park is under 24-hour video surveillance. This equipment is used to help protect the property and guests.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay at Hadley Lake RV Park. Please follow these rules to help ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience.



Nearby Attractions

Discover the vibrant charm of Stillwater, Oklahoma, where captivating history, lively cultural events, and breathtaking outdoor adventures await to ignite your spirit of exploration.


Embark on a delectable culinary journey through the vibrant city of Stillwater, Oklahoma, where an array of exceptional restaurants await to tantalize your taste buds. Savor the authentic flavors of local cuisine at The Rancher’s Table, where mouthwatering steaks and farm-to-table ingredients create a truly unforgettable dining experience. Indulge in the fusion of Southern comfort and fine dining at Louie’s Grill & Bar, where their legendary burgers and refreshing cocktails are sure to leave you craving for more. Finally, for a cozy and charming atmosphere, escape to the Mediterranean-inspired Iron Monk Brewing Company, where you can relish craft beers and artisanal pizzas while enjoying live music. Let Stillwater’s culinary scene ignite your senses and leave you with a delectable impression that will linger long after your visit.

Sight Seeing

Embark on a captivating journey of sightseeing in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where a tapestry of intriguing attractions awaits to awe and inspire. Begin your exploration at the majestic Oklahoma State University, where stunning architecture, vibrant gardens, and a vibrant campus atmosphere beckon visitors to discover its rich heritage. Discover the city’s cultural gems at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, where the triumphs and legacies of wrestling’s greats are celebrated. For a tranquil escape, stroll through the serene pathways of Boomer Lake Park, offering scenic views, peaceful picnic spots, and opportunities for birdwatching. Uncover the heart of downtown Stillwater, where boutique shops, art galleries, and delightful eateries blend seamlessly, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Finally, delve into the natural beauty of Lake Carl Blackwell, where shimmering waters, scenic trails, and outdoor recreation await. Let the sights of Stillwater captivate your senses and create cherished memories that will endure for a lifetime.

Visit Stillwater!

For more information and details about the wonders of Stillwater, OK, visit Stillwater’s attractions page! Things To Do In Stillwater | Shopping, Sports & Attractions (

Bars & Lounges

Uncover the vibrant nightlife of Stillwater, Oklahoma, as you step into a realm of unforgettable evenings and enticing libations. Experience the lively energy of The Copper Penny Lounge, a beloved local hotspot known for its cozy ambiance, creative cocktails, and live music that will have you tapping your feet in no time. For a taste of the craft beer scene, head to Iron Monk Brewing Company, where you can savor a wide selection of handcrafted brews in a laid-back atmosphere. For those seeking a classic sports bar experience, Willie’s Saloon offers a lively setting, big screens, and a wide range of drinks to enjoy while cheering on your favorite teams. Finally, indulge in the upscale sophistication of Eskimo Joe’s, a legendary establishment renowned for its signature drinks, friendly atmosphere, and live entertainment. Discover the vibrant bar and lounge scene of Stillwater and let the city’s nightlife captivate you with its charm and excitement.

Shows & Entertainment

Prepare to be captivated by the vibrant entertainment scene in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where an array of shows and performances await to leave you spellbound. Experience the enchanting world of live theater at the Seretean Center for the Performing Arts, where talented actors bring compelling stories to life on stage. For music lovers, The Tumbleweed Dancehall & Concert Venue is the place to be, hosting an eclectic lineup of local and national artists, and providing unforgettable nights of toe-tapping tunes and energetic performances. Dive into the realm of laughter at the Loony Bin Comedy Club, where hilarious comedians will have you in stitches. And for those seeking a unique cultural experience, the Oklahoma WONDERtorium offers interactive exhibits, educational programs, and engaging performances that delight both children and adults alike. Discover the dazzling shows and entertainment that await in Stillwater and prepare to be enthralled by the talent and creativity that graces the city’s stages.


Guest Reviews

Scenic getaway perfect for Gravel!
Easy to find! And an easy bike ride to Stillwater! Gorgeous lil spot.

Conor C.

Convenient to Stillwater. Hosts were courteous and responsive, had a great stay here.

Geoffrey L.

Loved it
The directions were clear and the closeness to Stillwater was perfect. Thanks for having us!

Sydney C.

This is a nice camping area. Lots of privacy, nice walking paths. The hosts went out of their way to make me comfortable by helping get electricity to my camper. My cat wanted to stay!

Stephanie V.

Beautiful spot! Wish we could have stayed longer.

Shari L.

The location was private and great for our RV.

Jeff C.

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